Sunday, October 13, 2013

Q4 Finish-a-long

So, I've decided to motivate myself to finish up some stuff I've been working on here and there.  I find whenever I write things down I do try to work a little harder so here goes.

1.  My scrappy trip quilt started last week.  This is my winter quilt to be used downstairs.  At this moment I have 3 more blocks to make, then quilt and bind.

2.  Star Surround Quilt

The quilt along is finished and I am currently hand quilting but it's really slow-going.  Hopefully I can try to put in some hours on the weekend. I want to finish this as I'm using it as the Christmas quilt for my daughter.

3.  Christmas Quilt for my bedroom

This was actually started last year and I am definately going to try to get it done for this year.  I need to add the borders, quilt and bind.

4.  Christmas quilt for my son

This I recently started and it's going pretty good so far.  I have to do the dresdens which is what is really holding me back.  Oh, I just remembered I ran out of background fabric.  Need to order some.

5.  Shawl

Doing this to wear in the winter.  This I should definately be able to finish as I can at least do one row per day.

6.  My daughter's swoon quilt

Two blocks are done and two more to go.  Again I need to order more background fabric.

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  1. I love your hand quilting. So very straight.

  2. I should take a page out of your book and make a list! All of your works in progress are so very lovely!

  3. Good for you making all those Christmas quilts! I always want to, but never seem to get to it. I am in love with your scrappy trip!!! I must do this one:)

  4. Oh, I always love a good Christmas quilt - looks like you've got several. And your hand-quilting is amazing - so perfectly straight!

  5. Love the swoon, and all the other projects too.

  6. Swoon is great! I especially like the 'hand quilting'….yummy goodness!!